Royal Drottningholm Golf Club


All Swedes know where Drottningholm is located. Most people think of the Swedish Royal Family´s beautiful palace just outside Stockholm. However, for hundreds of thousands of golfers Drottningholm is familiar as one of the best-known golf courses in the country. Royal Drottningholms Golf Club’s 18 holes are laid out on crown property and the nearly 1400 members and many guests players are able to enjoy both the beauty of the surrounding nature and the nearby royal palace. A fine course, with good transport communications to and from central Stockholm has made it possible for Drottningholm to host many large competitions.


The Scandinavian Masters, one of the most popular competitions on the European Tour, was played here in the 1991 and 1994. Royal Drottningholms Golf Club was inaugurated by King Gustaf Adolf VI and he became personally involved in the completion of the course. It was designed by Rafael Sundblom and Nils Sköld. The course has matured over the years and today both elite players and amateurs find it a great pleasure to play here. From a Scandinavian perspective, Drottningholm will always have a place on the golf map of the world, since the first Volvo Open competition was played here in the 1970. This was the first big international competition in this country and one of the participants was Jack Nicklaus.


Royal Drottningholms Golf Club’s course has park-like character, where the first nine holes are played in an open landscape, while the back nine end in a wooden environment. The season runs from May to October, which may seem rather short to people from southern latitudes, but one should remember the long, light days of Scandinavia make it possible to play late into the evening allowing you to take complete advantage of the season. The pleasant surroundings and the excellent restaurant with a view over the 18th hole contribute to the fact that people like to remain at the club until late in the evening.


Royal Drottningholms Golf Club is rich in tradition while also being very modern. You will spot the modern aspects at once. The newly built lobby has become the club´s pleasant welcoming centre. Bookings and start times have been handled for years now, which is a highly regarded service. You can follow the day´s bookings, condition of the course and much more from a number of well located information monitors. The charming clubhouse has been completely renovated in the last few years and is now in prime condition.


The popularity of Royal Drottningholm is a golf course that is suitable for the family and for championship competitions. The course itself is our first priority and is given the greatest attention and resources. Our goal is to make Royal Drottningholm one of the finest courses in the country. This work has already begun to show clear results. Royal Drottningholm is using the most modern techniques in its care of the course, noticeable in its very good condition. We are absolutely convinced that this golf course will provide an ever better playing experience.


A great pleasures of life and golf is the availability of good food and drink. Royal Drottningholm´s provides every opportunity to fulfill this important delight. For many years, our restaurateurs have run the restaurant to the satisfaction of everyone. The terrace overlooks play on the 18th hole. The popularity of the restaurant is affirmed during the winter months by many lunch guests.


If you believe it is possible to buy your way to better golf, you will be delighted with the selection of clubs, balls and other equipment in our professional shop. The driving range has been given a face lift recently, with first class driving mats and balls.


The character of a club is a hard thing to define. It is not enough that the start times are dependable and the course is in good condition. It may lie in a smile at the reception desk, thoughtfulness on the course or respect for the traditions of golf.

Royal Drottningholm has many qualities, including good spirit and atmosphere. It is a club where golf always takes first place and titles and status have always been of little importance. Despite its nearness to the country´s capital, the club has over expanded. It is important that a course not become so over burdened that members and guests don´t feel anonymous. Compared to the large golf clubs abroad, Royal Drottningholm is still an unpretentious family club with an excellent golf course and a very pleasant clubhouse.


Though Royal Drottningholm Golf Club is a private club, we accept green fee play and corporate events. The greenfee is SEK 950-1250 per player. Unfortunately, we do not offer caddies.

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